We expand our capabilities: we paint with water-based systems

In 3A Composites Mobility, we constantly develop our technologies – this is why we are pleased to present a new spray booth. The new booth provides the reliability of manufacturing process of INNOCAB®, one of our flagship products.

With the new spray booth, we guarantee:

the highest quality of paint coats

  • the 3-stage pre-filtration used in the spray booth ensures the purification of air from various dust

full control at each stage of the painting process

The spray booth features:

  • smooth adjustment of ventilation and pressure efficiency,
  • heating performed with the use of modulating gas burners with an open combustion chamber, ensuring:
    • stable temperature maintenance during painting,
    • high drying temperature – up to 95 degrees.
  • advanced electronic controller responsible for the efficiency of the humidification system in order to maintain the desired parameters, such as humidity or temperature.

In addition: the correctness of the painting process is taken care of by our highly qualified personnel

environmental safety

  • the spray booth is equipped with recuperators and carbon filters reducing the emission of dust, volatile substances and CO2

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