The development of phenolic free floor requiring high flammability resistance

R&D department always goes ahead with a global approach regarding public transportation and individual mobility.

The step forward is one of our lately undertaken innovative activities – a phenolic free floor.


3A is developing a phenolic free floor for Metro applications requiring high flammability resistance. This guarantees evacuating time and structural integrity for the passengers in case of a fire in a tunnel.

Sandwich floor panel with fire protection material was tested according to ASTM E119 including surface load.


The panel passed the test succesfully and after 35 minutes the structure of the sandwich panel was still intact.

The component is a structural floor panel that is used in an open metro car body. Either as a complete floor (16 x 2.5 meters) or as individual floor panels.


Acceptance criteria :

  • The average temperature measured on the unexposed side with thermocouples shall not exceed 139 degrees C above its initial temperature.
  • Maximum temperature of any thermocouple measured on unexposed surface shall not expected 181 degrees C above its initial temperature.
  • There shall be no collapse of the floor structure or part of it during the test period.
  • No penetration of the floor structure that would allow hot gasses to flow through and ignite cotton waste located on the top surface of the floor or unexposed surface of the floor during 30 minutes of the test.

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