R&D department is gaining momentum

Despite the current world situation, the activity of our R&D department is not slowing down. Indeed, R&D is gaining momentum. The engineers from 3A Composites Mobility division in Mielec have been developing, testing and devising modern solutions for last weeks. All that to methodologically expand our offer with further products – functional and safe.

Working on novel concepts is the multiple stage process which requires the involvement of specialists in various fields, perfect time organization and the ability of analyzing materials from different perspectives. Because R&D has always been the core of development, we devoted the last quarter to provide customers with solutions which not only  meet the customers’ needs, but also exceed customer expectations.

During the work of the team of engineers and technologists, there was the greatest potential recognized in the areas of fire resistance, the tensile strength of material and resistance to atmospheric conditions:

  • resin systems – conducting mechanical and condensation tests, we searched for the best combinations of reinforcements
  • surface foils – which would optimize the production process by replacing/complementing the lacquering process
  • glass spheres and other components – which increase the stiffness and which are flame retardants

The results of enhanced efforts are successes in the area of reaching the HL3 R1 level regarding EN45545-2 flammability standard for interior fittings of railway vehicles. The next step will be to acquire the relevant parameters of composites which allow the production of the sandwich elements which are applicable in cabins, roofs, floors, sidewalls and undercarriage components regarding XBODY system.

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