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XBODY is a family of lightweight exterior applications created for rail and road vehicles. Once XBODY is applied, the whole construction benefits from modular and structural components with the highest stiffness to weight ratio. XBODY functions as an ideal solution for developing body-in-white structures in rail and road vehicles.

Reduced Vehicle Manufacturing Process

XBODY’s modular construction ensures a significant reduction in assembly time. Suitable delivery and handling performance enable easy transportation of large parts. Whole components can be pre-painted to client specifications before final stages of production and assembly. Once an XBODY roof is installed, no additional thermal cladding is required as part of the internal roofing system.

XBODY® in Use
  • Sustainable sandwich material design: made of proven lightweight solutions, allowing for modern modular production performance in transport
  • Lightweight and structurally capable of replacing conventional body-in-white designs
  • Low facility investment: quality just-in-time production, latest joining technologies for best tolerance assembly, simplified replacement and repairability
  • Engineered for integrative assembly, joining hybrid material body parts
  • Specifically engineered to bear heavy loads
  • Cutting-edge technology: components are designed to meet environmental demands and are tested in adherence with legislated EU ECE bus and rail safety regulations and structural integrity standards
  • Building transport applications of the future, thanks to XBODY’s  integrative and functional specifications
XBODY® for Rail
  • Rail products meet structural body building and exterior covering demands: trams and coach rail vehicles are made lighter and with higher efficiency (in accordance with ISO EN 12663)
  • Composite design of materials: meets EU and country-specific legally-required fire standards; structural sophisticated life-cycle performance and safety needs of electric insulation and grounding
  • Flexible design allows for quick integration of changes and platform adaptability in shortened engineering phases
  • XBODY  rail exterior products as roof and claddings can also be delivered with a coil-coating or pre-painted finish on the exterior and visible interior surfaces, according to rail application demands
XBODY  for Road
  • In order to keep up with the rapidly growing demands of future mobility, both vehicle manufacturers and operators need to address vehicle aspects, such as low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, long service life and robustness, along with customer satisfaction, service, and quality.
  • XBODY  components have been developed into systems, creating the opportunity for new logistics and assembly concepts for modern bus manufacturing and development worldwide. For city buses, coaches and double-decker buses, XBODY features a validated and tested design and an integrable system platform.

XBODY offers a lightweight alternative to solutions currently available in the transport building industry. Designable to any vehicle’s construction type, XBODY presents a body-in-white structural component for external cladding or for use as built-in panels.

XBODY’s lightweight nature translates into higher passenger numbers, more payload accommodation, and more spacious cabins. An overall lower vehicle mass also contributes to increased longevity and durability of the structure as a whole – especially preserving vehicle tracks, wheels, axles, and brakes.

The Sandwich Solution

With minimized service costs, excellent insulating properties for temperature, noise, and vibrations – all resulting greater overall cabin comfort – both rail and bus operators benefit from XBODY

Low Environmental Impact

A significant reduction in weight, along with increased life cycle conditions and long-term service result in a remarkable reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Off-duty service time is also minimized, due to an efficient “cold” repair system. Coil-coating and anti-graffiti coating finish options are also available

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