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High quality, lightweight, ready-to-go rail front end cabin unit offering superior impact resistance. A long-time produced and trusted solution that can optionally be assembled and/or additionally equipped on demand. Coating finish options are also available.

A Modern Cabin Solution for Train Manufacturers and Operators

Powerful, durable, thoroughly tested and approved for safety. INNOCAB is considered a trendsetter when it comes to future solutions in transport manufacturing, all the while using cost-effective materials. The efficient use of composites in the mobility sector is rapidly growing. Composite modules are increasingly being used to strengthen the structure of buses, trains, tramways, planes and boats. INNOCAB offers all the benefits of traditional materials with additional perks that are enabled by composite technology, helping to create a successful train concept. INNOCAB products are already installed, trusted, and relied upon by many leading train manufacturers.

INNOCAB in Service
  • Stiff and rigid structure offers a safe work environment for train personnel
  • Non-corrosive materials ensure long-lasting performance
  • Substantial weight reduction supports energy savings
  • Thinner walls make for a more spacious cabin interior, meaning increased passenger comfort and ergonomics
  • Minimized repair time
  • Damages can be fixed in-house by use of a cold repair method
  • Simplified repair process: modular construction makes for easy part replacement
  • Tested and certified production processes ensure product adherence to demanding industry standards
  • Resistance to punctures, impact, and heat
  • Fire protection, noise insulation
  • Ready-to-install modules: pre-assembly units are delivered equipped with all necessary metal parts
  • Custom-made to your desired specifications
  • Reduced number of parts enables a shortened assembly time
  • Elements are provided ready-to-go
  • Option to select between water or solvent based painting
  • Easy onsite replacement or repair
Production Technologies

Based on the customer order, INNOCAB is manufactured with the use of three distinctive production technologies: Hand lamination – used for smaller series; Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion (VAC) – used for common and intercity trains; or Vacuum Infusion Process – typically employed for modern high-speed solution designs. All technologies offer superior product properties and high surface quality.

Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion (VAC)
  • Technology competent from CAD design and engineering to ready-to-install modules
  • Great for producing high-quality, large scale structural elements
  • Construction based on hard foam or balsa cores covered with fibre-reinforced resins and gel-coated skins
  • Process incorporates core bonding for quicker element manufacturing
  • Product offers increased stiffness and durability levels comparing to common composite production technologies (hand or spray infused)
  • Inserts for quick interior element installation can be added to the production process
  • Cabins are available in a combination of options: choose from unfinished, primed, coated finish, partly assembled, or ready for assembly
Vacuum Infusion Process
  • Cost-effective process yielding high quality, ultra-lightweight, and durable composite parts
  • Helpful for creating composites with higher fibre content, yielding improved overall product properties
  • Produced by highly experienced and qualified personnel, guaranteeing product quality and adherence to top industry standards
  • Cabin fronts (including interior) can be completed with a choice of coated finish
Water or solvent based painting
  • Large-sized front ends coated in top modern painting infrastructure with humidity and temperature control system
  • Tested on a wide range of coating systems
  • Multicolor surface option available
  • Full range of tests according to specifications
  • High-class surface quality (internal and external)

Perfected over decades of production and service, INNOCAB has earned its place as one of our most recognized products.

Strong, Durable, Impact-Resistant (Speeds up to 600 km/h)

INNOCAB’s offers weight reduction and increased strength, made possible by a combination of carefully selected materials. The module’s fibre-reinforced plastic, combined with high quality hard foam, ensure noise reduction and heat insulation, while meeting all required fire protection standards.

Less Is More
INNOCAB provides a lightweight solution that improves overall performance. Efficient part consolidation ensures less parts are required per unit.
A Low-Maintenance, Cost-Effective, and Time-Saving Solution
INNOCAB modular system significantly reduces unit assembly time. Existing cabin construction upgrades or entirely new cabin concept installations are made easy and require little tooling investment. INNOCAB modules are low-maintenance and require minimal lifecycle investment. In the case of element damage, the unit’s sandwich technology also allows for train manufacturers and operators to directly apply proven, authorized panel repair systems. Smaller damages can be fixed at local workshops, while structural damages can typically be brought in for repair by qualified personnel at designated service centres.

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