INFIT® is a commercial brand producing interior applications reserved for our full range of products – from monitor covers to window and ceiling panels. With over 10 years of production and experience in the field, we’ve developed and adapted our manufacturing methods in response to market needs and quality standards.

Custom-Designed Complete System Solutions

In developing INFIT®, we wanted to create suitable and complete system solutions that are made ready to be installed directly into a car body. This means a significant reduction in vehicle assembly time at the production site, as the number of operations to be carried out is also lowered. We approach every INFIT® project on a case-by-case basis: our team’s goal is to determine the ideal production technology best suited to your needs.

INFIT® offers a comprehensive product range of lightweight structural panel solutions that make for spacious, modern-looking and comfortable cabins. As it’s modular in design, the INFIT® system is not only easy to fix or even replace, it’s also perfect for routing or covering any of a vehicle’s other installations. INFIT’s® modular design also helps with part integration, meaning less assembly time and fewer processes are required.

INFIT® in Use
  • Lightweight solution, equipped with impressive resistance and insulating properties
  • Pre-assembled units with precisely inserted metal parts – ready for immediate installation onto the car body
  • Fire protection according to EN 45545-2, DIN 5510-2 Anh C, PN-K 02511, GOST standard assurance
  • Complex shapes: various part designs available by reason of a wide range of materials and production technologies
  • Functional and damage quality tests are performed on each unit at production
  • High-class adhesive bonding according to DIN 6701 Class A1: construction, process design, manufacture, repair
INFIT® in Service
  • Non-corrosive materials provide long-lasting performance
  • Modular construction: easy part replacement, minimized repair time
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • No specific maintenance necessary
  • Thinner walls assure more spacious vehicle interiors, increase comfort and ergonomics


Wide Range of Technology Solutions

3A Composites Mobility employs various manufacturing technologies for INFIT® products, depending on client requirements and technical specifications. Each project is approached on an individualized basis, guaranteeing the most effective solution for each unique case.

We propose an individualized solution based on our expertise; you remain involved along every step of the decision-making process. Together we decide on various aspects, including:

  • Hand lay-up: short lead time from tool concept to manufacturing, suitable for prototypes and short series; complex part shapes available.
  • Infusion: high mechanical properties, low weight of elements with high fiber content.
  • Thermoforming: mid and large-size product series, high output from a single mould; whole range of colors available with no need for painting; dimensional precision and scratch-resistance.
  • VAC: sandwich panels, high repeatability, high mechanical properties.
Superior-quality solvent or water-based surface finishes are available.

INFIT® offers high strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio, durability and thermal insulation, as well as resistance to fire, corrosion and wear. Made using a combination of high-quality materials guaranteeing outstanding performance, INFIT® provides a solution to meet demanding industry standards and expectations.

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