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3A Composites Mobility provided just what manufacturers were looking for when it pioneered the introduction of sandwich technology. The trend towards lightweight construction and cost optimization is gaining popularity among rail vehicle manufacturers. INNOCAB® front cabins and COMFLOOR® floors are acclaimed solutions in this regard.


COMFLOOR ® is a lightweight flooring modular system for rail and road vehicles. Designed with public transport units in mind, it has all the advantages a manufacturer might want and all the benefits train operators and passengers can be granted with.


INNOCAB ® is a made-to-measure, 3D composite made train cabin and undoubtedly our most recognizable product. Its construction is based on sandwich panel technology, utilizing a match of fiber reinforced polymer skins combined with the hard structural foam core.


XBODY ® is a family of lightweight exterior applications, created for rail and road vehicles. Once it is applied, the whole construction benefits from modular and structural components with the highest stiffness to weight ratio.


INFIT ® is a market brand for interior applications reserved for our full range of products; from monitor cover to window and ceiling panels. With over 10 year experience in this field we developed the ways of manufacturing these parts to meet high class market standards needs.


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