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3A Composites Mobility it is perfect place for engineers and technologists, sales people, analysts, operators and many other specializations that makes our company’s growth every day.

If you don’t have experience in a company with a similar business profile, we are open on different points of view and to swap experiences with people from other industries.

What do we stand for?
Corporate Policy

3A Composites Mobility company is a division of the corporate group 3A Composites, which belongs to Schweiter Technologies AG in Horgen. 3A Composites Mobility develops and manufactures structural and functionally integrated lightweight construction systems for rail vehicles and busses as well as for industrial applications. In these core sectors, 3A Composites Mobility is one of the leading companies. A key element in ensuring our pioneering role is the corporate policy described below.

Our customers and their needs are given the highest priority

We strive to have an open relationship with our customers based on partnership. Our corporate policy is therefore oriented to our customers and their needs and not only includes product design and function, but the handling of deliveries and technical advice as well. We make every effort to achieve optimum solutions together with our customers. Here we focus primarily on cost effectiveness, quality, energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and work safety.

The paramount aim of our company is to ensure and increase future and long-term success. To achieve this, we need an operating profit as a basis for sustainable growth. We therefore work continuously on improving our products, the processes and the associated quality.

Employees and values

Competent, dedicated and motivated employees are the basis for the long-term positive development of our company. For this reason, we have established a corporate culture characterized by integrity, reliability, trust and self-responsibility. All employees are involved in the process of continuously reducing slippages. Honest, fair dealings with each other as well as continuous information and opportunities for further development enhance the motivation and satisfaction of our employees. The interdisciplinary teamwork supports thinking in processes. We respect ethical principles. For this reason, we do not tolerate any differences in the way people from different backgrounds are treated in our company.

Recognizing risks and deriving measures

Conscious risk management with tools such as FMEA and the assessment matrix for environmental aspects, as well as the evaluation of work safety, must prevent possible mistakes or accidents and safeguard against any possible events by means of contingency planning.


In partnership-based collaboration with our suppliers and service providers, we develop the same environmental and quality standards that we have set for ourselves. The teamwork with suppliers helps us to become better and faster. With the relevant authorities, our neighbors and the interested public we maintain an open dialogue. The cultivation of lasting relationships is of the utmost importance to us. Our corporate policy is reviewed for relevancy once a year at an Executive Board meeting and adjusted where necessary.

Why work with us
Clear terms and conditions of employment
Clear terms and conditions of employment

We are a company with an established position on the rail and road market. This position has been
confirmed by customers who trust our products and services. This would not have been possible if
they had not trusted the competence of our employees. Recruitment is always conducted based on
the same transparent and clearly defined principles. The decisive factors are the candidate’s
experience, knowledge and competence.

Atmosphere at work
Atmosphere at work

The atmosphere at work is very often a matter that decides on YES or NO in the process of making
decisions about employment in a given company. In our company we have a friendly atmosphere.
New employees feel that they have support and they can expect help from co-workers. It is easier to
get through the process of adaptation to a new workplace if you can expect the kindness of the
people who work there.

Partnership, openness and honesty
Partnership, openness and honesty

You can rely on our partnership, openness and honesty. The main principle of cooperation
functioning in our company is partnership. We advocate freedom and latitude in forming
constructive ideas and opinions. Any ideas or suggestions which relate to the greater effectiveness of
our company can be presented directly to the Board. There are no closed doors in our company.

Gaining experience
Gaining experience

We create employment opportunities for candidates who have no experience in the rail and road
industry, but have the knowledge and skills that will be needed in the realization of tasks. If you are a
person who wants to start a career in our sector, we invite you to fill in the recruitment form.

Personal development
Personal development

We care about your personal development. In our company you have a chance to develop your skills
in various areas. Participation in the realization of various projects will help you broaden your
knowledge and verify many skills in practice. We support our employees in improving their
qualifications and gaining further knowledge. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in
courses and training sessions outside the company.

Clear career path
Clear career path

Make the most of our clear career path. Each employee – regardless of their position – has equal
earning and promotion opportunities. Position and career path depend exclusively on the
employee’s diligence, conscientiousness, reliability, commitment to achieve collectively established
objectives, knowledge, experience and contribution to the company’s development and expansion.

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