Major update of the COMFLOOR heated floor systems and the crucial benefits of the latest improvements.

Can you improve something that is flawlessly designed and works great in use? It turns out that it is possible – by all means. The COMFLOOR has been in service for more than ten years enjoying the trust of many railways manufacturers for a wide range of rail vehicles including trams and double-deckers trains. The absence of any failures allows us to improve the product for usability.

The goal of the optimization is to enhance the already strong capabilities of the current product. We’ve always been a customer-centric company that wants to deliver the most technologically advanced product with reasonable price. Considering all the highest quality and value, of course. Cost reduction in design and assembly at the customer was one of our initial goals. And it went perfectly well.

What are the most important changes and what do you gain from the latest improvements to the COMFLOOR heated floor systems?

The new mounting system allows shorter assembly times and improves the stiffness as well as strength of the panels. This enables larger span widths and even reduction of the support structure which leads to a lighter and more economical vehicle as less material is required. As they say, less is more! Furthermore, the slimmer design increases the space for passengers. In addition, the results of high acoustic performance have been significantly improved. That’s not everything. The improvements are not limited to technical performance.

The supply network and manufacturing processes are carefully rebalanced to allow a high degree of customization and at the same time standardize as many components as possible for cost-effectiveness. Prototypes of the new design were successfully tested. The panels withstood a load of two tons without any indication of fractures. This translates to a passenger load of 900 kg per square meter. You can’t disagree that it’s a lot.

Introduced changes and new advanced improvements open up many new possibilities for your production. Contact us to learn more about the COMFLOOR.

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