CEO Letter

Innovations and intelligent systems are the future of public transportation and individual mobility. Some of them are already in use today and we truly understand, support and expand these ideas here at 3A Composites Mobility.
With the experience, superior engineering, specialized manufacturing methods and a complete dedication for a perfection of our products we became a trusted manufacturer of lightweight composite elements for various purpose vehicles for decades. But 3A Composites Mobility’s goal is to go far beyond, channelling the public transport development ideas into ground-breaking technologies that will set the company ahead of competitors in the market of components for mobile applications. Our lightweight products are already helping today with carbon footprint reduction by efficient energy consumption, what is much appreciated by our clients. As for now, our portfolio focuses on integrated systems like train front ends, floors and roof systems, vehicle side walls and other elements serving in many different vehicles around the globe. The company is a long time business partner and manufactures its products for major rail and road vehicle brands. With the world rapidly evolving and people agglomerating in mega-city structures we believe an efficient mobility is one important element of our future. 3A Composites Mobility is here to offer supporting solutions for the necessary vehicles. We are bringing in creative ideas, high technologies and strong values like environment protection concern to the business, so our customers and the operators using their products could benefit from it too. Your company is no exception: Together we are stronger – let’s make the world better.

Introducing 3A Composites Mobility
With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing composite parts for a wide range of industries, the internationally renowned 3A Composites Mobility, a part of Schweiter Technologies, reaches out into the future.

Brief history of our product evolution

Under development –
High speed train Front ends
lightweight chassis
mobility panels
Sandwich floor
RTM Spoiler for Porsche GT3 RS
Start large series
FRP structural Front ends
Start XBODY serial production
Complete car body
in sandwich technology
Automotive sandwich
class “A” body panel
Structural Front end
Composite bus front production

Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision: Each quality public transport with lightweight solutions from 3A Composites Mobility.
Our Mission: We offer our clients functionally integrated lightweight systems based on innovative composite materials for sustainable mobility. To ensure this, expertise, reliability, professionalism and customer orientation are the basis of our conduct.

Mobility is the key phrase behind 3A Composites Mobility’s philosophy of designing and manufacturing. It has the major impact on our products, and thereof – on the vehicles they are serving on. What does mobility mean for us and for our clients?

Mobility in practice:

  • As the company we are flexible in thinking and agile in acting at the same time, creating ideas from scratch, improving existing concepts or combining technologies if necessary, all for greater customer’s satisfaction.
  • Every project could lead us to new ideas – this is the reason 3A Composites Mobility is still growing in reach for new customers and markets.
  • We offer functionally integrated lightweight systems based on innovative composite materials for sustainable mobility to our clients. To ensure this, expertise, reliability, professionalism and customer orientation are the basis of our conduct.
  • As we know our lightweight systems can be applied to different types of vehicles. We expect a rapid growth of their use and 3A Composites Mobility will be providing them together with future solutions for more efficient and environment friendly transport.
  • We care for the customers, offering full range manufacturing processes for ready-to-go parts and systems and providing post-sale repair service of our products on demand.
  • We understand local markets and needs as much, as we are open for new values and cultures which are highly respected.
When it comes to doing business, whether you look to cooperate with us, want to become our client or simply discover the benefits of our products for you and your vehicles, it is good you could know what to expect from 3A Composites Mobility at every level of the partnership.
At 3A Composites Mobility we understand that gaining profits is just a part of well run organisation’s duties. Benefiting though is only possible, if the company represents strong values in business. As a part of Schweiter Technologies AG, we share the corporate policy that helps us to:

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