Our Team

Dr. Armin Raiber
CEO 3A Composites Mobility
    Daniel Zieba
    General Manager (Poland)
      Pawel Neuman
      Director of Finance, HR and IT
        Andreas Girola
        Head of Sales
          Sales Team
          Bart Radema
          Key Account Manager
          • Icon +41 79 671 88 60
          • Icon bart.radema@3acomposites.com
          Damian Straż
          Key Account Manager
          • Icon +48 662 255 148
          • Icon damian.straz@3acomposites.com
          Mateusz Misztuk
          Key Account Manager
          • Icon +48 539 090 878
          • Icon mateusz.misztuk@3acomposites.com
          Eugen Knaus
          Key Account Manager
          • Icon +41 79 887 0509
          • Icon eugen.knaus@3acomposites.com
          Rainer Sernatinger
          Chief Human Resources Officer - Schweiter Technologies AG
          • Icon +49 7731803555
          • Icon +49 1726391003
          • Icon rainer.sernatinger@schweiter.com
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