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Composites are playing more and more important role in the transportation sector. Think not only side panels, spoilers or covers, but entire cabins integrated with internal composite modules, think easy to install modular floors with integrated systems or wiring, very resistant roof tops, side walls and even entire car bodies. This trend will continue to grow.

3A Composites Mobility is a part of 3A Composites, which belongs to global group – Schweiter Technologies. 3A Composites has offices and manufacturing operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia with approximately 4’000 employees.

3A Composites Mobility consists of companies in Switzerland and Poland with core competencies and production of function integrated lightweight solutions for vehicle manufacturing as well as industrial applications.

Application of composite solutions
Composite material use for developing public different kinds of vehicles will soon replace steel and aluminium of its role. As for today we observe large scale application of composite solutions in high-speed and local trains, suburban rails, trams, metro cars, buses and coaches.

Invaluable properties of composite materials
Composites are certainly playing more and more important role in modern-era industry, being found as a significant ingredient of nowadays products. Composite materials provide plenty of invaluable properties for manufacturers and benefits for users of their products.

Company applies a wide range of technology solutions, i.e. hand lay-up, vacuum technologies as well as thermoforming, CNC finishing, wet and powder coating, which can be combined on demand for creating anticipated specifications.
Standards and certificates

Development department creates new concepts, performs structural calculations and supports quality checks on new standards implementation.
Production processes are validated on particular stages with damage, non-damage and functional tests, quality procedures, risk management and certificates. Products are regularly tested on crucial issues: structural bonding and welding quality, product stiffness level, safety of use, non-flammability, recyclability etc. All the applied technologies, i.e. bonding, or welding are certificated to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards like: ISO/TS 22163, ISO 9001, EN-15085, DIN 6701-2 A1, OHSAS 18001 and PN-EN ISO 14001

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